SOLE Ramps Up for Another Winter Season!

It’ll be here before you know it, that little white stuff will fall from the sky and begin to shape our landscape into a winter wonderland!  As such, we are already in high-gear ramping up for another great winter season.  So check out what we have in store for our 2015-2016 winter season thus far.




For starters, we will continue and expand our SnowSchool Experience SM programIMG_6562 at Schweitzer Mountain Resort where we will offer a novel K-12 place-based experiential education curriculum which will focuses on the (5) cornerstones of snow science, winter ecology, avalanche awareness, outdoor living, and outdoor leadership.  During the 2015-2016 winter season our Schweitzer SnowSchool Experience SM site is positioned to serve over 300 + youth this winter – resulting in over 2,400 hours of transformational experiential education programming outdoors for North Idaho youth!   It should be noted, as part of this effort SOLE will be working with the brand-spanking new Clark Fork Junior High School / High School Outdoor Track, which we are really excited about! In addition, SOLE personnel are in the process of developing several pilot programs at our new field campuses at Lookout Pass, and Mt. Spokane.  More information will be shared as development continues, so please check back often.

Learn more about our SnowSchool Experience SM program by going here.  

DSCN0357In addition, SOLE is looking forward to continue to offer avalanche education program offerings for our local and regional stakeholders.  These courses will include our AIARE Level 1, and AIARE Level 2 Courses, as well as, several new course offerings.  During our Level 1 weekends, SOLE will also offer a AIARE Level 1 Refresher for those looking to freshen up their winter backcountry skills.  In addition, for the average outdoor enthusiasts (i.e., snowmobilers, snowshoers, etc.) looking to just become more ‘backcountry aware’ in the winter we will be offering Avalanche Awareness Courses.

Learn more about our Avalanche Education Experience SM program by going here.  

To help us design, coordinate, and facilitate these high quality transformational experiences we are very excited to announce that will be partnering with various organizations, business and have even extended the SOLE family to include some exceptional Field Instructors, including AIARE Course Leader and Director of the Wallowa Avalanche Center, Kip Rand.  To learn more about him and the rest of our Field Instructors please go here, and be sure to check back frequently as we continue to deepen our winter faculty pool.  

And Away We GO!

IMG_6871As we wind down our 2015 summer programming season, and head into the Labor Day weekend and celebrate the final days of summer, SOLE is excited to share that we will be ramping up our efforts to provide transformational experiences that foster opportunities for students and educators to truly explore > achieve > lead during the 2015 – 2016 school year!

During the 2015-16 school year, SOLE will be providing local area schools throughout North Idaho access to the transformational experiential programs that we offer.

It’s the start of a new school year, and once again we are excited to announce that we will be expanding our collaboration with the Lake Pend Oreille School District (LPOSD).  This will include the continuation of the custom-tailored experiential program for science students at Lake Pend Oreille High School, the continuation of our SnowSchool Experience SM program for all 5th graders in LPOSD, and a new expansion to develop and facilitate an experiential program for the outdoor track at Clark Fork Junior High School / High School.

These (and other) schools will receive curriculum related to our SnowSchool Experience SM, Project LEAD Experience SM and Stewardship Experience SM experiential education programs during the 2015 – 2016 school year. Because programs are grounded on an evidence-based curriculum which is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards educators (and those they serve) can rest assured that we will continue to strive to meet the rigors and demands of a traditional academic setting, while simultaneously immersing students in a fun and engaging learning experience for all ! With this foundation in place, students of LPOSD will be able to explore our local watershed on land, snow, and water to learn about our local environs and make sound academic connections while developing personal and group leadership skills.

SOLE SnowSchool

In addition, SOLE is also excited to also announce that we will be working with Forrest Bird Charter School and Selle Valley Carden School.  As part of this effort, we will be developing and facilitating an interdisciplinary, multi-day experiential education program design that will expose to students to leadership, environmental awareness and stewardship, and personal and social development opportunities.

The transformational experiential programs listed below is just a snapshot of what is coming up this school year! Click on each date for more information, and as always, stay up to date with current and future SOLE Experiences SM | Events by visiting our calendar here.  Please make sure to refresh often.  

Register your home-school group or class for a SOLE Experience SM by clicking here or simply contact us.  

We hope to see you ‘OUT THERE’!

october, 2019

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