SOLE’s Reach & Teach Field Campus Campaign

SOLE's Reach and Teach Field Campus Campaign aims to provide our award-winning and nationally recognized experiential education programs for over 800 underserved youth each year in a safe and positive manner. Your donation will ensure that SOLE will be able to Reach and Teach underserved youth by providing intentional and transformational experiential education programs in a safe and positive learning environment. Click the 'Donate' button below, select your denomination in the pop-up window and help SOLE ensure that our youth have the opportunity to explore and learn what's "out there".
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Your donation towards SOLE’s Reach & Teach Field Campus Campaign will be specifically ear-marked to develop and operate SOLE Field Campuses in the Inland Northwest.  Whether you are looking to showcase your business, do some serious good, or do a lot of both – SOLE’s Reach & Teach Field Campus Campaign is a phenomenal way to do just that and MORE!

The Need

Over 50% of SOLE participants live in poverty and are without the means to access novel educational opportunities where they are able to explore and learn about their local wildlands. Furthermore, because of this socioeconomic barrier, many SOLE participants (over 70%) do not participate in outdoor pursuits despite proximity before coming to SOLE.  A lack of understanding and appreciation for our wildlands coupled with a sedentary lifestyle can cause a strain on community resources down the road, and for generations to come.

SOLE’s Reach & Teach Field Campus Campaign aims to address this complex need head-on by providing a safe and positive learning environment, as well as intentional and transformational experiential education programs for these stakeholders at SOLE’s Mountain Field Campus site locations.   With the demand to expand program services to address the needs of underserved youth in rural public schools throughout our region, it has become evident that our schools and those they serve are in need of a safe and positive learning environment and the supporting resources to explore and learn in their local wildlands.

As demand rises as does our need for resources to design, coordinate and facilitate these intentional and transformational experiential education programs for our stakeholders.  As a non-revenue generating program it’s imperative that we fundraise, and solicit sponsorsships so we can have adequate equipment, trained professional outdoor educators, and a safe and positive learning environment for our stakeholders.

Vision & Action

To make this dream a reality, SOLE has and will continue to develop relationships with key stakeholders and partners throughout the Inland Northwest to establish Field Campuses in strategic locations, so we can continue to facilitate the transformational experiential education programs that SOLE has become known for, including our school-based SnowSchool Experience programs.

Specifically, SOLE aims to provide sponsorship opportunities to individuals, businesses, and corporations to become founding sponsors (Teach Sponsorship Level) or community sponsors (Reach Sponsorship Level) at each Mountain Field Campus location.

Sponsors will receive valuable marketing exposure.  This includes, but is not limited to, direct mail marketing efforts, eNewsletters, social media, organization events, website, and at field campus locations.  Specific benefits are contingent upon the amount that is donated.

Teach Sponsor | $5,000

The Teach Sponsorship Level allows you to become a founding sponsor of something very special – SOLE’s FIRST Field Campus site at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.  As a Founding Sponsor, you will be entitled to premium real estate for marketing your business or corporation – on land and virtually.  Your business will be showcased as a Founding Sponsor for 10 years, to include your logo strategically located on signage and via our social media campaigns, website, and outreach events.  In short, there is absolutely no more affordable way to showcase what you do while doing some serious good for the rural communities and underserved youth of the Inland Northwest.

Reach Sponsor | $1,500

Reach Sponsors are needed yearly, and in fact, each Reach Sponsorship is earmarked for a specific classroom to participate in our nationally recognized and award-winning SnowSchool Experience program.  This is a great opportunity if you have a specific class or school you would like to support!  At the Reach Sponsorship Level, you are considered a community sponsor and a such you are entitled to all the benefits that come with doing some serious good for our local rural communities and schools.  Benefits for Reach Sponsors include logo representation on our program specific web pages, social media campaigns, outreach events, press releases, radio spots, and fundraising events.

Can’t commit this much, but want to help?  Give to our Youth Scholarship Fund here.

Watch our SnowSchool Experience program in action below:

Please note:  If you a selecting a specific program/participant to donate to please notate via email and send to  Please include the date and amount and if you would like to remain anonymous. Also, please remember most donations are tax-deductible.  We recommend that you consult your CPA for specific details.

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