Can you help underserved youth explore, achieve, and lead outdoors?

SOLE's Youth Scholarship Fund aims to provide scholarships for rural schools and underserved youth. SOLE serves over 800 underserved rural youth each year. Over 50% of those served live in poverty and over 70% their first experience exploring and learning outdoors is through the programs SOLE offers. Without generous donors, SOLE's mission would be challenging to fulfill. With your help, we can ensure that our leaders of tomorrow can explore, learn, and lead outdoors. Click the 'Donate' button below, select your denomination in the pop-up window and help SOLE get youth 'unplugged' and 'reconnected' outdoors!
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Give the gift of the outdoors to our youth!

Whatever level you choose we will assist  you in leveraging your donation with matching funds from grants or other efforts to make your donation go the distance and ensure that our local area youth have access to the transformational experiential education programs we offer through SOLE’s Youth Scholarship Fund!

The Need

Each year rural schools and youth programs that serve underserved youth reach out to SOLE to provide the intentional and transformational programs that we offer, including our nationally recognized and award-winning SnowSchool Experience program. In 2017 alone, SOLE served over 800 youth.

As mentioned, many are underserved and deemed ‘at risk’ (over 50% living in poverty). Additionally, many have never had the opportunity to pursue the novel experiences that we provide due to the socio-economic barriers which exist. For example, based on a 2015 survey over 70% of youth had never had the opportunity to explore and learn in the outdoors.

Vision & Action

To address this need, SOLE aims to raise essential funds each year and offer individual and program scholarships through SOLE’s Youth Scholarship Fund.  As applications are received SOLE’s Board of Directors will review applications to ensure that they meet eligibility requirements to include evidence that they serve underserved populations and/or qualify for government assistance if they are a family in need.

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Watch our SnowSchool Experience program in action below:

Please note:  If you a selecting a specific program/participant to donate to please notate via email and send to  Please include the date and amount and if you would like to remain anonymous. Also, please remember most donations are tax-deductible.  We recommend that you consult your CPA for specific details.

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