Junior Naturalist Experiences

IMG_1598ReWILD your child and transform into a Nature Detective SM or Nature Explorer SM when summer arrives! Perfect for those youth 4-10 y/o that love exploring and learning about our natural world, SOLE Junior Naturalist Experiences SM provide the perfect balance of outdoor free-play and purposeful experiential education lessons to keep youth immersed and engaged in this novel classroom environment while have the opportunity to be creative and explore!


These unique and intentional programs provide the perfect balance of an outdoor science camp, and free-play allowing participants to explore their creative side while being immersed in their local environs to learn in a fun and engaging manner!  While doing so, these young participants become actual Junior Naturalists SM as they explore, create, and learn!   Each day is “theme-based” allowing participants to experience a well-rounded curriculum which creates a sense of belonging to our natural world.

Evidence-based research has shown the importance of two essential needs that supports healthy child development that are underscored in our Junior Naturalist Experience SM programs:

  1. Nature-based immersion.
  2. Unstructured time outdoors or what is known as “free-play”.

During these outdoor science camps youth are immersed in their natural world where they are able to directly experience what they are learning about, allowing them to develop a sound sense of place and an affinity for nature.  In addition, while we provide adequate supervision in all SOLE Experiences SM these programs purposefully provide unstructured time to explore and create while they interact with peers allowing participants to develop additional interpersonal and critical-thinking skills which reach beyond the norm and serve as an natural bridge to our Project LEAD Experience SM summer programs!

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Summer Programs:

Nature Detectives (4 – 6 y/o)

Dates: June 17th – June 19th 2019: Session I | July 15th – July 17th 2019: Session II | August 12th – August 14th 2019: Session III
Times: 9 – 3 PM
Location: Sandpoint, Idaho | Round Lake State Park. Transportation to and from program venue provided.
Ages: 4 – 6 + y/o
Cost: $82.50 Member | Non-Member $92.50.  Drop-In Rate / Per Day: $35 Member | $45 Non-Member.  4 participant minimum.  Includes transportation to and from drop-off / pick-up location.

Full or partial scholarships available for those who qualify.  Go here to begin your application process today!

Nature Explorers (7 – 9 y/o)

Dates: June 17th – June 21st 2019: Session I | July 15th – July 19th 2019: Session II | August 12th – August 16th 2019: Session III
Times: 9 – 3 PM
Location: Sandpoint, Idaho | Round Lake State Park.  Transportation to and from program venue provided.
Ages: 7 – 10 + y/o
Cost: $137.50 Member | $147.50 Non-Member.  Drop-In Rate / Per Day: $35 Member | $45 Non-Member.  4 participant minimum.  Includes transportation to and from drop-off / pick-up location.

Full or partial scholarships available for those who qualify.  Go here to begin your application process today!

Examples of Themes | Lessons:

  • Down & Dirty SM
  • Forts & Fun SM
  • Super Sleuth Mammal Tracking SM
  • What’s Bugging You? SM
  • Wonders of Flight SM
  • Friends of the Forest SM
  • Homemade Habitats & Homes SM
  • Wonders of the Water SM
  • Mountains of Madness SM


Typically, most educators request a pre and post lesson from SOLE to cement lesson objectives and learning targets, including those concepts taught “in the field” .   By providing clients our individualized and novel approach to program design and facilitation, student outcomes include accelerated academic comprehension, as well as, learning opportunities / activities well beyond the norm.  That is what you can expect from a SOLE Experience SM. With supporting a positive learning expedition mindset participants work in concert to support over arching goals and learning objectives, grounded on the SOLE 4 Care Philosophy SM.  This allows our days to be filled with fun and adventure!

Sample Daily Schedule For “In the Field”:

8:45 AM – Check-In with SOLE camp staff
9:00 AM – Morning game
9:15 AM – Theme-based experiential activity 1
10:15 AM – Snack / Free-Play
11:00 AM – Theme-based experiential activity 2
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM –  Theme-based experiential activity 3
2:00 AM
– Free-Play
3:00 PM
– Pick-up


*All times (except drop-off and pick-up) are approximate and subject to change depending on various needs.

Where to Meet:

Our drop-off location will be based on specific course location, so please reference your student paperwork. This will also be our pick-up location.  Changes may be made if necessary (i.e., inclement weather), so please make sure that you check your email.

“My kids LOVED it, and asked to come back next year!  I would recommend SOLE to any parent looking for an outdoor summer camp that blends intentional programming with some serious fun!  Thanks to everyone at SOLE for running a memorable summerexperience for my kids!”

~ Junior Naturalist Experience Parent, 2013

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  2. Upon receipt, complete student paperwork and fax/email to us.
  3. Set up transportation and accommodations for the program (if necessary).
  4. Review personal clothing and gear list and complete.
  5. Pack and head out!

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