SOLE Project LEAD Experience Program Receives $18,000 Grant!


On Thursday June 19th, 2015 we received notice from the Inland Northwest Community Foundation that SOLE was awarded an $18,000 Equinox Foundation Grant for our Project LEAD in the Delta — Exploring the Clark Fork River Delta, and the greater Lake Pend Oreille Watershed proposal.

With these funds students of Lake Pend Oreille School District will have the opportunity to participate in a transformational experience where they will be able to explore our local watershed – from the source to the lake.  In these local environs, students will be able to make sound academic connections as they focus on leadership, environmental awareness and stewardship, and personal and social development.  This program will be supported by a unique blend of curriculum from SOLE’s Fieldwork Experience SM (place-based experiential education) and Project LEAD Experience SM (outdoor leadership) programs.  In addition, coursework will also include a project-learning framework to increase ownership and learning comprehension.

With a purposeful design in hand, the youth of LPOSD (and beyond) will truly have an opportunity to explore > achieve > lead in their own backyard.  As a result, they will have a sincere opportunity to develop a sense of belonging towards their community and its environment.  We are very humbled by this opportunity to work with our communities’  youth in this capacity and are sincerely grateful to have the continued support to continue our goal to ‘Reach And Teach’ 1,000 More!

Welcome SOLE’s Newest Family Member!

My family moved to beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho this year. We consider ourselves very lucky! My husband, Taggart, my daughter, Sawyer, and I, have had a wonderful year exploring this area. I can’t remember what exactly I was Googling when I stumbled across SOLE. My new stay-at-home mom employment status combined with my counseling and education background must have led to my online search for something to do part time on a cold Sandpoint winter day. Whether it was a volunteer or work opportunity I was hoping to help in some way. As soon as I read what SOLE does and saw NATURE and KIDS in the same mission at a nonprofit company based in my new hometown. I knew that I had to reach out. I am glad I did.


Now I sit here writing this as a volunteer Outreach Coordinator for this awesome organization doing just what my title states: reaching out. I am reaching out to you if:

  • You are a parent who would love for your child to benefit from outdoor education programs that gets your kid outside learning about the way that our natural systems work!  These programs teach youth outdoor skills, encourage self-exploration, teach leadership qualities, and boost self-confidence! This type of education is guaranteed to benefit them in more ways than they (or you!) could imagine.
  • You are a youth who feels called to be a part of an outdoor program that gets you away from the pressures of your life and cell phone and friends and school and problems to learn something about yourself and the path you want to take!
  • I am reaching out to you if you are an individual who wants to support an organization that is passionate about helping our next generation be a better, stronger, more self-reliant, and confident generation through experiences in the natural world!

Personally, I grew up in a small town in southeast Alaska, prior to iEverything and without cable television. So, I naturally spent my days (and many nights for that matter) OUTSIDE.  I can close my eyes and think back to my childhood and instantly remember the breathlessness I felt running as fast as I humanly could through the trails near my house. I remember building tree forts with friends and having the hours pass by so quickly as we were enveloped in our task. I remember exploring nature on a hike or walk with my family and being fascinated and invigorated by every bit of it.

What is cool about what SOLE does is that it takes that outdoor magic and combines it with programs that teach outdoor skills and educate youth beyond classroom walls. To me, being a parent of a curious little one year old, this seems to be what many youth are missing out on these days. I am excited to be a part of this organization and can’t wait to see what the future holds for SOLE and those who are lucky enough to participate in one of our outdoor experiences!

Feel free to contact me!

Danni Schoenrock, M.S.
Outreach Coordinator