Exploring SOLE’s Junior Naturalist program…

SOLE’s Junior Naturalist Experience SM program offers a rich environment for developing a love of and stewardship for nature, strengthening self-esteem and confidence, and building leadership and outdoor skills.  Centered on a healthy balance of unstructured free-play and experiential place-based education, children are able to develop cognitive and social skills while also experiencing a rich interdisciplinary curricula that allows children to become immersed in the magic of their community’s natural resources.

Children walk away with a profound reverence for nature and exploration that they can carry into their future.  The skills they learn in the Junior Naturalist Experience SM program will help them solve real-world problems, become a stronger team member, strengthen themselves physically and mentally, and share compassion for all things living.

We have noticed that families that have offered their children this experience has enriched the whole family.  From scientific findings to lessons integrated in folklore and silly games – children bring home the fun and transferable lessons from their Junior Naturalist Experience SM.

My participation in instructing SOLE Junior Naturalist Experiences SM this summer has been one of great joy.  Sharing my passion for nature is something I have studied for and dreamed of.  After leading many different camps for various organizations, I find that SOLE offers the liberty to build a unique and creative curriculum with the flexibility to follow the children’s interests and other learning opportunities that inherently arise.

See you out there,
Hallie Reikowsky
Field Instructor

Click the following link to learn more about our Junior Naturalist Experience SM program.  Click the following link to learn more about Hallie or other SOLE Field Instructors.

SOLE Project LEAD Experience Program Receives $18,000 Grant!


On Thursday June 19th, 2015 we received notice from the Inland Northwest Community Foundation that SOLE was awarded an $18,000 Equinox Foundation Grant for our Project LEAD in the Delta — Exploring the Clark Fork River Delta, and the greater Lake Pend Oreille Watershed proposal.

With these funds students of Lake Pend Oreille School District will have the opportunity to participate in a transformational experience where they will be able to explore our local watershed – from the source to the lake.  In these local environs, students will be able to make sound academic connections as they focus on leadership, environmental awareness and stewardship, and personal and social development.  This program will be supported by a unique blend of curriculum from SOLE’s Fieldwork Experience SM (place-based experiential education) and Project LEAD Experience SM (outdoor leadership) programs.  In addition, coursework will also include a project-learning framework to increase ownership and learning comprehension.

With a purposeful design in hand, the youth of LPOSD (and beyond) will truly have an opportunity to explore > achieve > lead in their own backyard.  As a result, they will have a sincere opportunity to develop a sense of belonging towards their community and its environment.  We are very humbled by this opportunity to work with our communities’  youth in this capacity and are sincerely grateful to have the continued support to continue our goal to ‘Reach And Teach’ 1,000 More!

Make Your Classroom A Natural Learning Environment!

IMG_5381It’s that time of year, buds are bursting and songbirds are doing their thing! As such, Selkirk Outdoor Leadership & Education (SOLE) is very excited to announce that we will be bringing intentional place-based experiential education to educators and youth leaders through our NEW Stewardship Experience SM program on the Clark Fork Delta and beyond!  To do so, we will be collaborating with Idaho Fish and Game, the University of Idaho, and other agencies and organizations to coordinate, design, and facilitate novel hands-on, boots-on-the-ground programming in this diverse wild landscape!  These unique programming opportunities will foster the ability for 4th – 12th grade youth to develop sound academic connections, an affinity for our natural world, and a sense of belonging – SOLE’s primary goals and objectives for this program.

All curricula will be linked to the current mitigation effort and the diverse ecosystems which exist on the Clark Fork Delta and other locales.  There students will be able to explore and learn through our Stewardship Experience SM experiential curricula related to flora and fauna, water quality monitoring, and service-learning.  When registering for Stewardship Experience SM with SOLE, clients can choose one specific programming element of this SOLE Experience SM or a rich interdisciplinary program like The Confluence Project.  Whatever you desire we will strive to meet your needs!

Learn more about this intentional place-based experiential education program by going here.  If you are ready to register look at our schedule here to see what dates are already booked and/or click on the “Register Now” button below to get started!  


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